When was it the last time that we wrote on paper? Today from smart phones to laptops, the tech-dependent society has put keyboards at the tips of our fingers. We have simply forgotten how to write. Handwriting has immense benefits. Handwriting proficiency helps the brain to develop. It inspires confidence. The more we practise handwriting the stronger our motor pathways become, until the skill becomes automatic. Handwriting engages different brain circuits which keyboarding does not. The contact, direction and pressure of your handwriting sends the brain a message and the repetitive process of handwriting integrates the motor pathways into the brain. When it becomes automatic, there is almost a groove in the pathways. The more we write, the more pathways are laid down. But if we write them poorly, we are getting a faulty pathway, so we need to go back and correct it.

Some of the many benefits of handwriting are:

  •   It coordinates the left brain and right brain.
  •   It keeps the brain sharp as you get older
  •   It boosts cognitive skills
  •   It inspires creativity
  •   It improves memory

A bad handwriting is as annoying to a reader as an irritating voice is to a listener.