Our handwriting is actually our brain writing. When we first began to form letters, we had to think about how to make each one of them. But after some time, our sub-conscious mind takes over the duties of forming the letters. We only have to think of the word and our sub-conscious mind seamlessly sends signals to our hands telling us exactly how far to go and how to trace each alphabet within the word. Now we begin to write without the conscious thought of the letters' formation. The pressure of the pen and the formation of each part of each alphabet is an outcome of our sub-conscious thinking. Hence, using this information we can now look deep into the minds of the reader and understand their psychology. So what we see just as a handwriting is actually a picture of the person behind the pen.

Personality, emotions, intellect and energy are all revealed by our handwriting. Although it may change from day to day, the basic trait remains the same, what changes are our moods. It combines a study of physical and emotional factors which enables one to study himself and others better. It helps to develop our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

Some of the many traits which handwriting reveals are:

  •   Emotional outlay -

    Ruled by head or heart. A reserved or an emotionally expressive personality.

  •   Learning abilities -

    An analytical, comprehensive or a cumulative learner. More creativity inclined or needs intellectual stimulation.

  •   Goals and ambitions -

    A visionary or someone with low goals and takes in things as they come.

  •   Social life -

    How you relate to society.Someone who trusts people and can make friends easily, a socially selective person or someone who loves to be alone.

  •   Energy and drives –

    Your energy level for the execution of your goals. Are you someone who acts then and there or someone who tends to be lazy,and has a tendency to procrastinate.Do you have the persistence and determination levels to reach the finishing line?

What can you get from handwriting analysis?

  Handwriting analysis can help you understand yourself better

We all tend to claim that we know ourselves really well. But do we actually know? I took real pride in thinking that I am a good listener, until I bumped into ha, and found out that I am a selective listener. I agree with you only if you agree with me. So Handwriting Analysis has helped me to take a deeper look within and know my strengths and weaknesses. Though we have to face some unpleasant truths, it enables us to know ourselves and work towards self-improvement.

  Handwriting analysis can help you understand other people

Imagine getting to know a great deal about a total stranger, after just a few minutes of looking at his/her writing.You can know the compatibility between your spouse or any other relationship. Sometime we tend to judge and label people on a superficial level without actually knowing them. Ha helps us to understand why certain people behave in a particular manner and once we know them we can really empathise with them.

  Handwriting analysis can help you develop your child's personality

You can study a child's hw and easily identify his thinking patterns, memory retention capacity, concentration levels and his unique abilities. This will give us a clue about the overall performance level of the child. Children under-achieve because of low self- esteem and other personality problems. A graphologist can discover the areas to work on and assist the child with graphotherapy.

  Handwriting analysis can help you choose a career

Handwriting analysis can help you decide on what type of job you are best suited for and what to avoid. You can discover your latent skills and talents which might have gone unnoticed.

  Handwriting analysis can help you as an employer

A sample of a handwriting can give you enough information to determine the right person for the right job. An engineer, accountant, sales person, mechanic, gardener or a baby sitter- all require different skill sets. You can get clues about the applicant's intelligence level, honesty, working capacity, able to work with small details etc., by analysing their handwriting. This will save you a lot of time, effort and money.

  Handwriting analysis can help you guard your health

Many scientific studies have concluded that many illnesses show up in the handwriting long before the onset of any clinical symptoms. I remember when I was doing this course our trainer, on seeing the handwriting of my classmate asked him to go for a cardiac checkup. He was in good health but at the insistence of our trainer, he went for a checkup and was diagnosed with a severe cardiac problem for which he needed to be operated. We all know that the earlier the illness is spotted, the easier it is to deal with it and with graphology you may be the one to help save someone's life.

  Handwriting analysis can be your career

Today this science is being recognized by more and more people as an accurate investigative tool. All major companies are using this to hire their employees. Marriage counsellors use it to know the compatibility of the partners. Many therapists, psychologists and coaches use this to get insight into their patients. Children's personality development can be done by means of graphotherapy. You could also become an independent consultant.