Courses we offer

It is amazing how the letters of the alphabets were designed. There must have been very deep rooted scientific reasoning behind them, which has been lost over time. Every stroke of our letter has something to reveal about us and just by bringing in some changes in the way we write, we are able to bring a change in our personality. This is what our courses are designed for.

Graphotherapy for children (level 1)

Age : 6 to 16
Duration  : 30 days with four times a week or 60 days with twice a week classes

Graphotherapy for children (level 2)

You must have gone through level 1to do this.
Age : 10 to 16
Duration  : 30 days

Graphotherapy for teachers

This is for all who would like to teach graphotherapy to the children. In it you will know how each letter is to be written and also to avoid stroke formations which are undesirable. These traits are called ‘hell traits’.
Age : adults
Duration  : 10 hours

Graphology course for adults

In this you will learn all about how to analyse a handwriting, signature analysis and graphotherapy techniques. Graphology is useful in all segments of life. After doing this course, you will be able to know a great deal about a total stranger after just a few minutes of looking at his handwriting. Whatever be your reason for taking up this course, I assure you that you are about to learn one of the most fascinating science, to know people. You are about to learn stuff that you will use for the rest of your life. And hopefully you are going to thoroughly enjoy the process.
Age : adults
Duration  : 15 hours

Depending on the number of participants, timings can be scheduled as per your convenience.