An Invitation

Dear Friends

Congratulations on viewing this page, as we believe that such information comes to you, when you are ready for it. We invite you to this wonderful science of Graphology and Graphotherapy.
The purpose of life is to excel in whatever we do and Graphology is one very powerful tool which will assist you to reach that level of excellence. Today in the age of technology, we have simply forgotten how to write. Handwriting has immense benefits. Handwriting proficiency helps the brain to develop, it inspires confidence and creativity, and helps keep the brain sharp as we get older. The scientific way of writing helps us to raise our self-esteem, strengthen our skills and get rid of our weaknesses and undesirable traits.

Let's Write Right has been started with this purpose in mind, to restore the habit of handwriting in people. This is a very simple science and anyone can learn it in a short span of time. In fact its simplicity is its veil. What should have been a compulsory part of our education system is kept hidden as a great secret and very few people really know about it.
We have worked with hundreds of children, and in our interaction with them we found that each child is born with equal potential and can be moulded to take any shape. With this insight, we inspire to work alongside with parents and teachers to nurture the citizens of tomorrow.
We have a dedicated team of people who all love children. I would like to mention here that we practice meditation on our heart which helps us to put our heart in whatever we are doing. I would recommend this meditation on the heart to one and all. You could visit this website to know more about it.
In the words of Rumi, "if words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart." I hope we have touched you in some way and you would give us a chance to serve you.

With best wishes
Let's Write Right.

Few Words About Us

The idea to create Let's Write Right came to us a long time back. After having learnt this science, we first experimented this on ourselves, and then on our lovely children. We would like to mention here that we are all proud parents of wonderful children. People never fail to compliment us on the way our children have grown up. This gave us the confidence to take it beyond the walls of our homes, to other children.
Let's Write Right has a vision. It aims to nurture every child possible. Children are really amazing. It is we the parents and teachers who do not know how to teach and parent, and so we are unable to know the true potential of our little ones. We believe that handwriting analysis should be a compulsory part of every parent's and teacher's education. Handwriting reveals all, and imagine knowing your child with a glance of his writing. You can know what is going on in his life and help him to overcome all of those, being his best friend and guide.
Let's Write Right believes in it that every soul need these three A's to reach to its maximum potential. Attention Approval and Appreciation. We provide our children with that and after the initial few classes they are able to connect with us at a deeper level. Learning is made fun and all our children look forward to coming to these classes, which is a big relief to the parents.

Let's Write Right definitely has a lot for the adults too. Unless we become the role models for our children how can we expect them to become what they are supposed to be. We have courses on Handwriting Analysis and Graphotherapy. In this course, you will be well equipped with the basics of the handwriting analysis. From the start the trainee will be made to interpret his own handwriting, so that he can truly verify and believe every trait for himself, rather than simply telling you what a given trait means. In this way he will be convinced first hand of the logic behind this science.

Let's Write Right assures you that you are about to learn one of the most fascinating science, to know people. You are about to learn stuff that you will use for the rest of your life. And hopefully you are going to thoroughly enjoy the process.

We welcome you with all our heart to this amazing family of 'Let's Write Right'.

Our Mission

In the words of our Master, "the purpose of life is to excel in whatever we do”. As we have understood the immense benefits of this scientific way of writing, we wish to take this to every child possible. This will help them to strengthen their skills and get rid of undesirable traits at a very early age. Children are like the soft clay, who could me moulded any way. And who moulds them? The parents and the teachers. Our mission is to share our knowledge of Graphology and Graphotherapy with every parent and teacher, so that they in turn can apply it to their daily life and bring up children who are healthy in body, mind and soul.

Our Vision

In the words of Swami Vivekananda, "No one was ever really taught by another; each of us has to teach himself. The external teacher offers only the suggestion which rouses the internal teacher to work to understand things”. Our vision is therefore to help everyone to achieve this goal. Graphology allows you to understand yourself and Graphotherapy helps you to bring in the desired changes in a very effective way. This course will definitely help you to raise your self-esteem, which will enable you to fix high goals for yourself and become a visionary. Our vision is to see you a Visionary.

Our Team

Suman Bansal
Handwriting Analyst
Suman Bansal is a certified handwriting analyst. She has worked with over 300 children, transforming their lives using grapho-therapy. She also conducts workshops on handwriting analysis. Through her experiences in raising 3 boys of her own, and in interacting with other kids, she finds that each child is born with equal potential and can be moulded to take any shape. With this insight she aspires to work alongside parents and teachers to nurture the citizens of tomorrow.
Sivamma G
Sivamma is a Graduate in Engineering and Diploma holder in Teacher Training. Her passion is to guide and encourage children to bring their inner hidden potentials. She enjoys entertaining and mingle with children. Currently she is undergoing training in Graphology and actively participating in all activities. She believes that Graphology is a powerful tool to enrich the children's talent by changing their hand writing.
Jeyalakshmi have passion for working with Children,finished Master`s in Arts and Diplomo in software Testing as well as software Management. She Volunteered for Visually impaired Children at Light House International Organisation at Newyork. Being a Volunteer in Children Center at Shri Ramchandra Mission,Chennai for 7 years,helping to organise lot of Valu based, Arts,Cultural,Physical,Social activities for Children.She helped in planning the activities for big Gathering happened in Shri Ramchandra Mission where 2,000 children presented. She was very interested in Grapho theraphy after the work shop Conducted by Suman. Amazed by changing the way we write can make huge difference in Children life.She is helping with Suman for 7 graphotheraphy batches. She finds her daughter`s concentration,way of writing improved after the course.
Rana Jegamohan
Mrs Rana Jeganmohan is a graduate in Economics. She is also a professional dancer and a kindergarten teacher. A proud mother of twin boys has found a new passion in Graphology and Graphotherapy. Being with the kids, she has come to an understanding, that lot can be learnt from them, in the process of teaching. She believes in being a learning teacher, than a teaching teacher.